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Sailing Yachts for Sale

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Sailing Yachts for Sale

When you are looking to enjoy a nice quiet day out on the open sea, there's few better ways to go about it than with a sailing yacht. Sailing yachts are partly or entirely set in motion by the wind, and come in a variety of vary in sizes, styles, keel types, and sail configurations.

Reminiscent of the massive ships that used to roam the open seas, classic sailing yachts can still be found on the water and on some designers' drawing boards. With more than one mast and all the rigging that multiple sails entails, these yachts are perfect for the owner who would like a genuine sailing experience. Depending on the build, the level of luxury and amenities found on board may be less, but for a die-hard sailor those small details won't be missed.

Sleeker, faster, and filled with all the tweaks modern technology can apply to sails and rigging, these modern versions of a classic sailing yacht can be a great compromise between tradition and convenience. From small racing yachts to large, luxurious superyachts, these vessels are perfect for those who want to stay as "green" as possible without giving up the indulgences yachting can include.