There is no doubt that Florida is the yachting capital of the world. From Jacksonville to Key West, if you own a boat and are in Florida, you have many great places to use it. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular places you can see in Florida by yacht.

Cedar Key

This place is situated in the most undeveloped area of Florida’s Big Bend coastline. It may be a bit out of the way, but it is certainly worth visiting. It is the most beautiful place and is filled with amazing restaurants. Fishing is really popular here.

Treasure Island

If you live in Florida or you are just visiting, do make a yacht trip to Treasure Island. White sandy beaches and the beautiful sunsets are what describe this island the best.

Jacksonville/St. Augustine

This place is a gateway to the St. Johns River, which is Florida’s main interior waterway. This place has everything fine hotels, first-class marinas and five-star restaurants. The Metropolitan Park Marina is situated there as well and is the hosting ground for many waterfront festivals held in the city. If you love fishing, then Jacksonville is the place you definitely need to go to.

Fort Walton Beach/ Pensacola

Pensacola is known as the city that started the sailing tradition. The nearby town Fort Walton Beach is sometimes called the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village. Both these places are the gems of Northwest Florida. You will come across beautiful beaches here and the best part about this place is that it gives you the best opportunity for deep-sea fishing.

Palm Beach

Explore the real beauty of Florida in Palm Beach Country. There you will enjoy the best culinary experiences and get a chance to stay in luxury hotels. This place is worth exploring as it is truly an exotic beauty. If you love hanging out at beaches or love fishing, Palm Beach is where you should be. Diving, boating, snorkeling; it’s all here! There is plenty of sunshine here and the water temperature remains pretty warm throughout the year.

Daytona Beach

This place is called as the Birthplace of Speed. The reason for that is because around one hundred years ago, automobile enthusiasts started a Challenge Cup that was all about racing. After that day, Daytona Beach became popular and became the Birthplace of Speed. It is a truly magnificent place to visit.