Center Console Boat

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Center Console Boats for Sale

Capable of handling choppy offshore waters as well as navigating rivers and lakes, these yachts are superior cruisers. Built on a level floor and often featuring fiberglass lower hulls, center console yachts allow you to enjoy multi-deck design and large scale fish lockers and convertible seating.

There are many luxurious features you can find on these types of luxury vessel, from enclosures to keep you out of the sun, to entertainment centers and full scale fish prep areas. Unlike the other yachts on this list, center console vessels can range from 16 feet all the way up to powerful 50 footers that feature 2 or 3 powerful outboards across its transom.

Center console yachts are excellent deep fishing vessels and ideal for high speed traveling or leisurely cruising. Named after their center mounted controls and steering, these types of luxury vessels are highly sought after by deep sea fisherman and sport fishers the world around.